I will keep this Calendar updated as best as possible.  (please call or email, just in case)...

A date with a (pending) next to it, is an event with a contract sent out but not yet signed and sent back


Jan. 17th. 2015             Wedding Reception                         The Metropolitan, Canton, OH.
Jan. 18th. 2015             100th. Birthday party                      Chagrin falls, OH
Jan 24th 2015              16th. Birthday Party                         Black Wolf Hall, Stow, OH.
Feb. 7th. 2015              Winter Formal Dance                      Field High School, Brimfield, OH.
Feb. 14th. 2015            Reverse Raffle                                   KOC Hall Mantua, OH.
Feb 21st. 2015             Wedding Reception                          Spring Lake Banquet Ctr. Lakemore, OH.
Feb. 28th. 2015           Reverse Raffle                                  KOC Hall, Mantua, OH.
Mar. 7th. 2015             50th Birthday party                         Nelsonville Elks Lodge, Nelsonville, OH. 
Mar. 21st. 2015            Reverse Raffle                                  American Legion, Kent, OH.
April 18th. 2015           Wedding Reception                          The Pavilion, Cuyahoga Falls, OH.   
April 25th. 2015          Wedding Reception                         The Galaxy, Wadsworth, OH.
May 1st. 2015              Wedding Reception                          The Ledges lodge, Peninnsula, OH.
May 2nd. 2015           Wedding Reception                         Columbia Ballroom, Columbia Station OH.
May 9th. 2015            Wedding Reception                         Guys Party Center, Akron, OH.
May 16th. 2015           Wedding & Reception                     The Fairways at Twin lakes, Kent, OH.
May 23rd. 2015          Wedding Reception                          Maronite Center, Youngstown, OH.                         
May 24th. 2015          Wedding & Reception                     Atwood lake & Resort, OH.
May 29th. 2015          Graduation Party                              Private Residence, Hudson, OH.
May 30th. 2015         Wedding Reception                          Richville Community Park Hall, Massillon OH.
June 5th. 2015             16th. Birthday Party                         Private Residence, Hudson, OH.
June 13th. 2015           Wedding Reception                          Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.
June 20th. 2015          Wedding Reception                         The Links at Firestone, Columbiana, OH.
June 27th. 2015           Wedding & Reception                       Paradise Lake, Suffield, OH.
July 4th. 2015             Wedding & Reception                      Sun Valley Party Center, Bainbridge, OH.
July 11th. 2015              Wedding Reception                          Guys Party Center, Akron, OH.
July 17th. 2015             Wedding & Reception                       Wingfoot Lake State Park, Suffield, OH.
July 18th. 2015            Wedding Reception                           A La cart Catering Hall, Canfield, OH                            
July 25th. 2015            Wedding Reception                         Kent State Hotel & Conference Ctr.
Aug. 1st. 2015             Wedding Reception                          Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Aurora, OH.
Aug. 8th. 2015            Wedding & Reception                      Paradise Lake, Suffield, OH.
Aug. 15th. 2015           Wedding Reception                          La Pizzaria, Canton, OH.
Aug. 21st. 2015           Wedding & Reception                        Happy Day Banquet Center, Peninsula, OH.
Aug. 22nd. 2015         Wedding Reception                          Hale Farm, Peninsula, OH.
Aug. 29th. 2015          Wedding Reception                           Roby Lee's, Newton Falls, OH.
Sep. 5th. 2015            Wedding & Reception                       Gervasi Vineyards, Canton, OH.
Sep. 6th. 2015             Wedding Reception                          Kent State Hotel & Conference Center
Sep. 12th. 2015           Wedding Reception                           St. Demetrios Youth Center, Warren, OH.                      
Sep. 13th. 2015           Wedding Reception                           Guys party Center, Akron, OH.
Sep. 18th. 2015           Wedding Reception                            SYB Hall, Stow, OH.                           
Sep. 19th. 2015           Wedding Reception                            Pine Ridge C.C. Wickliffe, OH.
Sep 20th 2015           Bid Day Party                                     Kent State Campus, Kent OH. 
Sep. 26th. 2015          Wedding Reception                            The Links at Firestone, Columbiana, OH.
​Oct. 3rd. 2015             Wedding Reception                           Zwisler Hall, Akron, OH. 
Oct. 10th. 2015           Wedding Reception                           Paradise Lake C.C. Suffield, OH.
Oct. 17th. 2015            40th. Class Reunion                           Dugan's, Aurora, OH.
Oct. 23rd. 2015           Wedding Reception                           Guys Party Center, Akron, OH.   
Oct. 24th. 2015           Wedding Reception                           Ravenna Eagles Hall, Ravenna, OH.
Oct. 30th. 2015           School Dance                                    Southeast Middle School  
Nov. 7th. 2015             Wedding Reception                           SYB Hall, Stow, OH.
Nov. 14th. 2015            Holiday Party                                    Sugarbush Golf club, Garrettsville, OH.
Nov. 21st. 2015            Wedding & Reception                        Chenoweth Golf club, Akron, OH.
Nov. 28th. 2015           Wedding Reception                           Tadoro's Party center, Akron, OH.
Dec. 4th. 2015              School Dance                                   Southeast Middle School 
Dec. 5th. 2015              Wedding Reception                          Whitehall Columbia, Columbia Station, OH.  
Dec. 11th. 2015             Wedding Reception                           Atwood Lake Lodge, Sherrodsville, OH.     
Dec. 12th. 2015            Holiday Party                                    The Aurora Inn, Aurora, OH.
Dec. 19th. 2015            Wedding Reception                           Glenmoor C.C. Canton, OH.  
Dec. 31st. 2015             Wedding Reception                          Kent State Hotel & Conference Center

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2015 DJ Events Calendar

                                  (These are the events and dates for 2015 that I currently have contracted)