I will try to keep this calendar as up to date as possible, please call or e-mail just in case. 
A date marked marked with a (pending) is a date that a contract is out but has not been signed and returned..

Date:               Event Type:               Location:.

Jan. 26th. 2019             Wedding & Recption                    SYB Hall, Stow, OH. 

Feb. 16th. 2019             Reverse raffle                              KOC Hall, Mantua, OH.

​Mar. 30th. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Twinhaven, Twinsburg, OH.

April 6th. 2019             Reverse Raffle                              Immaculate Conception Hall, Ravenna, OH. 

April 20th. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 

​May 4th. 2019               Wedding Reception                     Chenoweth Golf club, Akron, OH.

May 11th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  The Galaxy, Wadsworth, OH.                

May 18th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Akron, OH. 

June 1st. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Breitenbach Winery, Dover, OH. 

June 8th. 2019              Wedding & Reception                  SYB Hall, Stow, OH.

June 15th. 2019            Wedding Reception                      Guys Party center, Akron, OH. 

​June 22nd. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Elks Lodge, Ravenna, OH.

​June 28th. 2019           Wedding & Reception                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 

July 6th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  SYB Hall, Stow, OH. ​ 

July 13th. 2019             Wedding & Ceremony                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.

​July 19th. 2019             Wedding Reception                     Guys Party center, Akron, OH. 

July 20th. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.  

Aug. 10th. 2019            Wedding Reception                     Alford's Glen, Windham, OH.

Aug. 17th. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Heritage Barn, Stow, OH.

Aug. 31st. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Ricciardis Tree Farm, Wadsworth, OH. 

Sep. 1st. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg, OH.

Sep. 7th. 2019              Wedding & Reception                  Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres, Dennison, OH.  

​Sep. 14th. 2019             Wedding Reception                     Cimineros, Niles, OH.

Sep. 21st. 2019             Wedding Reception                      The Metroplex, Girard, OH.

Oct. 4th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Heritage Barn, Stow, OH. 

Oct. 5th. 2019               Wedding Reception                      Canton Marriott, Canton, OH.

Oct. 6th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Brookside Farms, Louisville, OH. 

Oct. 12th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  In the woods Barn, Windham, OH.

Oct. 25th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  Windows on the river, Cleveland, OH. 

Dec. 21st. 2019             Wedding Reception                     St. Nicholas Banquet Ctr. Mogadore, OH.

Dec. 31st. 2019             Wedding Reception                      Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 


2019 DJ Events Calendar
-I am all booked up and no longer accepting events for 2019-