Jan. 26th. 2019             Wedding & Recption                    SYB Hall, Stow, OH. 

Feb. 16th. 2019             Reverse raffle                              KOC Hall, Mantua, OH.

​Mar. 30th. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Twinhaven, Twinsburg, OH.

April 6th. 2019             Reverse Raffle                              Immaculate Conception Hall, Ravenna, OH. 

April 20th. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 

​May 4th. 2019               Wedding Reception                     Chenoweth Golf club, Akron, OH.

May 11th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  The Galaxy, Wadsworth, OH.                

May 18th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Akron, OH. 

June 1st. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Breitenbach Winery, Dover, OH. 

June 8th. 2019              Wedding & Reception                  SYB Hall, Stow, OH.

June 15th. 2019            Wedding Reception                      Guys Party center, Akron, OH. 

​June 22nd. 2019           Wedding Reception                      Elks Lodge, Ravenna, OH.

​June 28th. 2019           Wedding & Reception                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 

July 6th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  SYB Hall, Stow, OH. ​ 

July 13th. 2019             Wedding & Ceremony                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.

​July 19th. 2019             Wedding Reception                     Guys Party center, Akron, OH. 

July 20th. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.  

Aug. 10th. 2019            Wedding Reception                     Alford's Glen, Windham, OH.

Aug. 17th. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Heritage Barn, Stow, OH.

Aug. 31st. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  Ricciardis Tree Farm, Wadsworth, OH. 

Sep. 1st. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg, OH.

Sep. 7th. 2019              Wedding & Reception                  Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres, Dennison, OH.  

​Sep. 14th. 2019             Wedding Reception                     Cimineros, Niles, OH.

Sep. 21st. 2019             Wedding Reception                      The Metroplex, Girard, OH.

Oct. 4th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Heritage Barn, Stow, OH. 

Oct. 5th. 2019               Wedding Reception                      Canton Marriott, Canton, OH.

Oct. 6th. 2019               Wedding & Reception                  Brookside Farms, Louisville, OH. 

Oct. 12th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  In the woods Barn, Windham, OH.

Oct. 25th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  Windows on the river, Cleveland, OH.

​Oct. 26th. 2019             Wedding & Reception                  Tanglewood Golf Club, Chagrin Falls, OH. (pending)

Nov. 16th. 2019            Wedding & Reception                  SYB Hall, Stow, OH.  

Dec. 21st. 2019             Wedding Reception                     St. Nicholas Banquet Ctr. Mogadore, OH.

Dec. 31st. 2019             Wedding Reception                      Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 


2019 DJ Events Calendar
-I am all booked up and no longer accepting events for 2019-

I will try to keep this calendar as up to date as possible, please call or e-mail just in case. 
A date marked marked with a (pending) is a date that a contract is out but has not been signed and returned..

Date:               Event Type:               Location:.