Feb. 29th. 2020              Reverse Raffle                                 KOC Hall, Mantua, OH.​​ 

Aug. 8th. 2020               Wedding Reception                         Guys Party Center, Akron, OH.                       

Aug. 15th. 2020             Wedding & Reception                      The Barn at the meadows, Orrville, OH.    

Sep. 19th. 2020              Wedding & Reception                      Garden Brook, Cortland OH.

Sep. 26th. 2020             Wedding Reception                          Gambitta's Party center, Northfield, OH. 

Oct. 11th. 2020              Wedding Reception                          SYB Hall, Stow, OH.  

Oct. 17th. 2020              Not Available                                     Not Available

Oct. 24th. 2020              50th Wedding Anniversary             SYB Hall, Stow, OH.

Oct. 31st. 2020               Not Available                                    Not Available

Nov. 7th. 2020               Wedding & Reception                       Spring Valley Golf Club, E. Sparta, OH.  

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I will try to keep this calendar as up to date as possible, please call or e-mail just in case. 
A date marked marked with a (pending) is a date that a contract is out but has not been signed and returned..

2020 DJ Events Calendar
(These are the events for 2020 that I currently have contracted)