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I will try to keep this calendar as up to date as possible, please call or e-mail just in case. 
A date marked marked with a (pending) is a date that a contract is out but has not been signed and returned..

2021 DJ Events Calendar
(These are the events for 2021 that I currently have contracted)

Jan 23rd. 2021                    Wedding & Reception                           Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH. 

​Feb 13th. 2021                    Reverse Raffle                                      KOC Hall, Mantua, OH.

Feb. 20th 2021                    Wedding & Reception                          Royal Docks Brewery, Jackson, OH.   

Apr. 25th. 2012                   Wedding & Reception                          Brookside Farms, Louisville, OH.

June 5th. 2021                    Wedding & Reception                          White Birch Barn, Medina 

June 12th. 2021                  Wedding & Reception                          TBA, Salem, OH. 

​June 18th. 2021                  Wedding & Reception                           Guy's Party Center, Akron, OH. 

June 26th. 2021                  Wedding Reception                              SYB Hall, Stow, OH.

July 23 & 24 2021               Not Available                                         Not Available

July 30 & 31 2021               Not Available                                         Not Available

Sep. 11th. 2021                   Wedding & Reception                           The Bertram Inn, Aurora, OH. (pending) 

Oct. 2nd. 2021                     Wedding Reception                              Sarchione Farms, Louisville, OH.

Oct. 9th. 2021                     Wedding & Reception                           Chenoweth Golf Club, Akron, OH.

Oct. 16th. 2021                   Not Available                                         Not Available