As you can see these Gobo lights can make a dramatic difference in your events look.  These special event lights are not for everyone but they will make a huge difference in the way that your hall, facility of room looks.  I provide up-lighting and Gobo lights, lasers, smoke, bubbles and dance floor lighting at VERY reasonable rates. 

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So, is up-lighting for me?    At best it can greatly enhance your event, helping to make it more lively, elegant, and visually stunning. At worse, it can potentially look tacky and essentially cheapen your event.  First off, no matter what any one says, up-lighting is never absolutely necessary. It's a personal decision to make, as to whether or not you want it.  If you're in the decision making process, the first thing you'll probably end up considering, is whether or not you can fit up-lighting into your budget, I charge $150.00 to light the entire room (around a dozen lights), for the duration of the event.  If you don't have it in your budget, well, it's not the end of the world.  Like many people, though, maybe you're a perfectionist and you want every aspect of your event to be wonderful on your special day.  So in that case, my first recommendation is to consider what the character of the room is-does the room have character to it or is it a plain room. If its a plain room, than almost definitely up lighting would be an improvement. If you room already looks excellent as is, up-lighting could potentially make it even more stunning (but at the same time might not be a big improvement, or might be a bad thing, especially if the color of the up lights clashed with the natural color balance of the room).    Should you trust your intuition?  Yes, I don't see why not. If you have a gut feeling one way or another, it might not be a bad idea to go with it, otherwise it's probably a good idea to consult with the venue manager (they'll surely have an opinion and also will be able to provide you with some perspective about whether or not their clients usually opt for up-lighting).  Of course you can get some good ideas from a DJ, Audio Visual, or up lighting company too.  Regardless, don't rush into make a decision, think it over and figure out what's feels right to you.      
Another great lighting effect is the Monogram Gobo projection light.  This effect can be used at reception, dances, parties, corporate events and more.  A gobo is a template that is cut out of thin metal and placed inside a special lighting fixture that is designed to shine a light beam through the template to project the image of the template to a dance floor, wall, side of a building or the clouds (remember Batman)...  The effect can be dramatic and very memorable.  The templates (gobos) can be your monogrammed initials, specific words, company names, sayings, stars, or even basic pictures.  Gobos can either be projected through either bright halogen lights or a much less expensive LED light.  Here are some examples.
You have heard that friends of yours is having a wedding reception and the DJ is also providing LED up-lighting, your friend told you that it was simply amazing the difference in the room before and after the lights. You may have recently been to a fund raiser or corporate event that had very elegant lighting around the room that just set a great tone for the evening, or you were in Kent over the summer for one of the many events that they have downtown and noticed the image of a big black squirrel projected up onto the grain towers of the Star of the West Mill. All of these are examples of special event lighting, be it up lighting or Gobo projection lighting, in this blog I will talk about both.
So what is up-lighting? Quite simply, it's a series of lights, set up around a room (or outside a building),  placed on or near the floor, shining up toward the walls. The lights could be any color, from a white to a red to green (or whatever else). When they're implemented, the house lights at the venue can be dimmed. When used properly, up-lighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way. I should also note that there are two different "schools of thought" regarding up-lighting. The first is to focus on subtlety, in this way of applying up lighting, the focus is on having the lighting complement the venue/event, but not allowing it to distract. One of the characteristics of this is that there will just be one color at a time. Although, potentially someone may decide that they periodically want the color of the up-lighting changed (for example, red up-lights during dinner, and blue up-lights during dancing). Personally, when I provide up-lighting, I fall into this first way of approaching up-lighting, by putting my focus on applying it tastefully and in a subtle way in making sure that the areas that will have the most picture taken by your photographer are lit so that you have beautiful lighting in the background of your pictures. While most A/V professionals share a similar philosophy, others shun subtlety and prefer to use up lighting in a way that that is completely opposite. Those that fall into this second up-lighting "school of thought" will apply up-lighting in a more flamboyant manor, programming the up lights to constantly change colors, and sometimes even using them to act like a strobe light (I'll include a video further down on this page to show you what I'm talking about). I'm not saying that one way is wrong and the other is right-but it's something to keep in mind, as the results between these methods will vary dramatically. I will ask the Bride & Groom (to be) what their colors are for the reception and use one or more of those colors to light the room.
‚ÄčAt this point, I'm going to post some pictures and videos for you to look at. After you view them, you can scroll down and I will further discuss up-lighting.

-Video of a projection monogram on the dance floor & red up-lighting in the background

-Video of the digital projector & screen, monogram up on the wall and green up-lighting

-Video of my new LED monogram light and the rotation effect that it can do on the dance floor

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