You said YES, now lets start planning

    Now that you have said yes, it is time to start planning your big day.   The following will help the both of you in planning for your wedding day. 

12 to 9 months before your wedding day.

For the Bride:

-Decide how large, how formal the wedding will be and set a tentative budget.

-Choose the date, time of the ceremony and reception.

-Make an appointment with the official performing the ceremony.

-Compose a guest list with names and addresses.

-Shop for wedding rings, wedding dress and accessories.

-Choose the colors for the ceremony and reception.

-Choose attendants, their accessories and dresses.

-Choose the Photographer, disc jockey or entertainment, videographer, transportation and caterer.

-Begin planning the honeymoon

For the Groom

-Discuss the wedding date, size, style and budget with your fiancé.

-Choose your best man and ushers

-Shop for wedding rings with your fiancé

-Begin planning the honeymoon and booking accommodations and transportation.

-Help compose a guest list with names and addresses.

9 to 6 months before the wedding

For the Bride

-Announce the engagement if you have not done so already.

-Register gifts at selected stores or online.

-Choose a florist and have a consultation with the florist about floral needs and preferences.

For the Groom

-Help your fiancé register gift preferences at selected stores or online.

-Choose formalwear for yourself and groomsmen.

6 to 3 months before the wedding

For the Bride

-Order invitations and stationery, allowing at least four weeks for delivery.

-Keep a record of all gifts received and send thank you notes as gifts arrive.

-Help mothers select their dresses

-Double check that all bridal attire has been ordered.

-Shop for your trousseau if necessary.

-Choose a baker for the wedding cake.

For the Groom

-Check the requirements for the blood test, marriage license.

-Finalize the honeymoon plans, get a passport if necessary.

3 to 2 months before the wedding

For the Bride

-Start addressing the wedding invitations.

-Shop for wedding accessories such as toasting goblets, cake knife & spatula, ring pillow and garter.

-Confirm all wedding ceremony and reception reservations.

-Make wedding rehearsal arrangements.

-Ask family members or friends to help with the guest book or gifts at the reception.

-Confirm honeymoon plans and get passport if necessary.

-Confirm flower order with florist.

For the Groom

-Start addressing the wedding invitations.

-Reserve your wedding attire.

-Plan and make reservations for rehearsal dinner, which is usually hosted by the groom's family.

-Meet the florist, the groom usually pays for the bridal bouquet and all corsages and boutonnieres.

8 to 6 weeks before the wedding

For the Bride

-Meet with the DJ or entertainment to discuss music, events and announcements for the reception.

-Mail the invitations.

-Finish the wedding wedding dress fittings.

-Arrange accommodations for out of town guests.

-Purchase wedding album and guest book.

-Choose wedding gift for the groom.

-Apply for the marriage license.

For the Groom

-Choose gifts for the best man and groomsmen

-Purchase wedding gift for the bride.

-Adjust insurance policies to fit married status.

-Pick up the wedding rings.

-Apply for a marriage license with your fiancé.

The week of the wedding

For the Bride

-Send the final estimate of guests to the caterer.

-Double-check all bookings: photographer, videographer, baker, DJ or entertainment and the florist.

-Pack for the honeymoon.

-Send maps to out of town guests or post them online.

For the Groom

-Give the marriage license and officiant's fee to the best man.

-Present gifts to the best man and groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner.

The Day of the wedding

For the Bride

-Have your hair styled and makeup done.

-Begin getting dressed at least 90 minutes before the ceremony.

For the Groom

-Give the wedding rings to the best man.

-Make sure you both have signed the wedding certificate and put it in a safe place before leaving for the honeymoon.

After the honeymoon

For the Bride

-Finish the thank you notes

-If changing your name, notify authorities in charge of driver's license, social security card, bank accounts and credit cards.

For the Groom

-Help your wife finish the thank you notes

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